Healing services

Healing services

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I am mama rosy. I'll help you connect with your ancestors,interpret your dreams, use divination to diagnose illness, and treat both physical and spiritual ailments. We help you strengthen your connection to the ancestors and the spirit world. I assist you with connecting with your Soul Guides and figure out how to speak with them.They might have lived many lifetimes ago and accumulated a lot of knowledge, which they would like to impart to you.They could gently approach you in a flash of insight, or they could demonstrate themselves to you in a variety of ways. Your Spirit Guides are prepared to offer you any assistance they can. Establish a connection with and relationship with your Spirit Guides. Utilize powerful African traditional methods to solve your issues. We are of the opinion that the spirits and ancestors of our ancestors provide us with wisdom, enlightenment, and divine direction that enables us to overcome the challenges that are holding back your life. Africans are aware of the significance of their ancestors to daily life. Having lost touch with their ancestors can lead to illness or bad luck. The next step is to look for a sangoma, a traditional healer, who might suggest herbs, lifestyle changes, a new career, or new relationships. Additionally, the client may be instructed to carry out a purification or ceremony to please the ancestors.

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